Policy Research

Let us help you translate your ideas into achievable policy solutions that get the attention of key policy decision makers and, ultimately, get results.

Connect Public Affairs will work with you to identify concepts and strategies for policy positioning and the key legislative and regulatory requirements to stay competitive in your industry.

White Papers

White Papers provide authority and credibility to your business or organization. It demonstrates that you have taken a thorough examination of the issues and challenges facing you business, industry and sector to determine improvements for your customers, stakeholders and ongoing success of your business.

Funding Research

Government funding programs can help companies tackle financing barriers so they can achieve growth and prosper.

By investigating government funding and supporting the application process, we can help you finance and extend your organization into new, innovative solutions.

Economic Development Research

Municipalities across Canada are struggling with how to attract new businesses and jobs to their region. One of the difficulties that they face is with understanding the myriad of federal and provincial legislation and regulations that could either hurt or help them to attract new business from both within Canada and from international destinations.

They also have difficulty in locating and taking advantage of spending programs such as infrastructure and job training funds that are available to them.

Connect Public Affairs can help you with:

• Development, implementation and analysis of public policy environment to support economic development.
• Strategic planning for economic development.
• Funding Research & Proposal Development – assist municipalities and private businesses in accessing funding programs.
• Development of communications plans
• Positioning your municipality to compete globally.
• Connecting with officials across all levels of government.