Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence provides timely, detailed, and actionable insights in the face of uncertainty. These insights provide an understanding of the threats and opportunities you face, whether they are activist group protests, competing industries or companies, political opponents, or other challenges. Utilizing competitive intelligence in your public affairs efforts can minimize risks and reduce uncertainty about events and actions outside of your control. Done well, competitive intelligence enables you to anticipate and preempt competitive challenges.

Environmental Scanning and Monitoring

Effective monitoring is all about aiding in the decision-making process.  When you have the most accurate and up to date information you can make better decisions. Intelligence is not just about listing facts.  It is about providing context, analysis and insight.  It is also about the recognition of trends and patterns and where an issue may possibly be heading.

Identifying and monitoring the regulatory and legislative changes that impact your organization is a difficult, time-consuming, and often frustrating job. Whether you monitor regulations for compliance or seek to influence the regulatory process, let Connect Public Affairs utilize their excellent research skills and intelligence network to provide you with the right information and advice to tackle your challenges.