Welcome to the blog of James F Miller.

It’s all about questions. I am the type of person who likes to ask millions of questions. It’s the way I learn. I’ve always asked a lot of questions. Questions allow you to get answers, think about: what you are doing, where you are going or whether it all makes sense. I find questioning things as the way to enable learning.
I have followed my own two rules in politics and life. They are all about asking the right questions to get the intelligence you need to make wise decisions.

Rule # 1 Know who other people know.

Everything and everyone is interconnected in some way. Knowing how those connections work allows you to better understand how and why decisions are made and why things go the way that they do.

Rule # 2 Know what you don’t know.

It’s pretty simple. I don’t know everything; you don’t know everything, but that’s always the most challenging part; finding the right questions to ask. Knowing what you don’t know allows you to fill in the gaps and make better decisions.

So read along; ask questions; ponder questions and I hope you learn something.

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