Shouldn’t We All Be Students?

Shouldn’t We All Be Students?

I am seeing a lot of “first day of school” pictures on social media today.

They are all super cute but frightening at the same time.  Frightening in that seeing my contemporaries with children going off to university or college makes me feel really old.

However, age really shouldn’t be a barrier to learning.  In today’s environment there is no reason why we all can’t be students.  In fact, it is imperative that we all continue to be students.  Learning does not end with formal education.  Nor does it end once we have completed a certain level of formal education?  There is really no “Well I am done (insert level of formal education here) so I am all finished learning.”  There is a need for us to continue learning so that we can adapt and change to the increasing pace of change in our world; new skills to be considered; increasing new information being produced; new jobs and opportunities we would never have imagined just a few years ago.

With so many different ways of learning new skills, from podcasts, to books, to webinars, there is no reason why we can’t, actually make that don’t, continue to learn and be students regardless of our age.  Our brain really doesn’t fill up and there is no harm in continuing to learn.  So, get out there and take some time to explore what learning opportunities are available to you, but only after you have finished looking at all the back to school photos for inspiration.

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