Lessons from the Dogs

Lessons from the Dogs

Today warmed up to a balmy -18 C with the wind here in Ottawa so I got to go to the dog park with our two Miniature Schnauzers, Sadie and Clyde. They were so excited to get out of the house and the walk got rid of their restlessness. (You an only bark at squirrels for so long.)
The walk was good for me too. I took my time to watch how excited Sadie and Clyde were to be out. By watching the dogs as they meandered here and there through the park, I learned a few things.

Take Time to Explore Other Paths

Sadie and Clyde are really curious dogs. They constantly need to check everything out. The dog park we go to, Conroy Pit, is rather large so there are numerous paths you can take. Most of the time they stick to the main paths but occasionally they will go down a random side path. They like to explore different paths and see where they go. If they don’t like the look of a particular path they will come back to the main path and we continue on our way. Sometimes, the side path leads back to the main path but is just a different way of getting there. Other times, the side path leads in a whole new direction and we all decide to check it out to see where it goes.

It is good to explore new paths. You see new sights, meet new people and learn a new route for next time. So far, we have not gotten lost!

Don’t Be Afraid to Say Hello

The dog park is quite a large territory. On a Saturday or Sunday, the parking lot is full and cars line the road. There are many dogs at the park. If you have ever been to a dog park you will readily have observed that most dogs like to check each other out. This is usually carried out by sniffing each others backsides. The dogs have no fear if it is a big ferocious looking dog or the tiniest of lap dogs, everyone needs to be checked out. It’s their way of saying hello. Most often the other dogs say hello as well, but on some occasions, they will want to play with Sadie and Clyde. They all enjoy the opportunity of the chase and meeting new friends.

Now I’m not advocating that we all go around sniffing each others backsides but I think the lesson here is to not be afraid to at least say hello. You never know what might come of a conversation you start up with someone you have just met.

I am sure we will be back at the dog park soon and from now on I’m going to have to pay more attention to what the dogs do, because if I watch them more closely, I am sure I will learn more lessons.

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