Opportunities and Threats Reports

We all strive to be prepared for exciting business opportunities that come our way, but we also want to know about any threats waiting for us just over the horizon. No one likes being taken by surprise, especially when it could have been identified and avoided.

Unfortunately, many organizations don’t have the right skill set or resources to locate the necessary information to strategically plan for future growth.

With its unique combination of strategic foresight and competitive intelligence methodologies, Connect Public Affairs can help you better plan for the future, whatever it may bring.

Today’s Information Realities

There once was a time when it was difficult to locate information about your organization’s competitive environment. This is certainly not today’s reality. In fact, today there is often too much information for an organization to assess. Added to this, it takes a particular talent to find the right information, distill that information into actionable intelligence and then to effectively utilize this intelligence for better decision-making and strategic planning.

The overwhelming amount of information that we take in daily can be mind boggling. Are we getting the most accurate and relevant information we need to make insightful decisions? What happens if you miss an important event or transaction that could negatively impact your organization?

The Connect Opportunities and Threats Report

The Connect Opportunities & Threats Report is a vital tool that provides a detailed, user friendly road map of your organization’s competitive environment.


• Potential government funding from all levels of government
• Pending legislative or regulatory change
• Collaboration & or partnership with like-minded stakeholders
• Professional Development opportunities
• Research and intelligence resources
• Procurement and Business development


• New products or services from competitors
• Regulatory or legislative changes
• Public interest campaigns launched by your opposition or organizations opposed to the policies of your organization
• Increasing technological change

What Sets Connect Public Affairs Apart?

Through combining significant experience in government and politics with advanced research and information management skills & techniques Connect Public Affairs will help you find and distill the facts that matter most.

Connect will work with you to understand your organization’s strategic goals and performance metrics. An environmental scan is conducted to establish a benchmark for monitoring trends and forces affecting the ecosystem in which an organization operates.

Connect provides an objective and unbiased, outside view of the direction your organization is headed. This helps to eliminate the “rose coloured glasses” view that some organizations unfortunately fall into.

Time to Take Action

Don’t be caught by surprise — there are tools, methods and techniques to create early warning systems in your operations. Connect Public Affairs will provide you with an information advantage as you look around the corner and over the horizon to spot trends that matter to your organization’s success.

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