Monitoring and Intelligence Services

Why You Need to Monitor Government

Every day, governments across Canada make decisions that could potentially impact your organization.  Whether it is proposed regulatory or legislative change, funding opportunities or procurement opportunities, you need to have timely and reliable intelligence to help you make the right decisions to move your organization forward.

Effective monitoring is all about aiding in the decision-making process.  When you have the most accurate, reliable and up to date information you can make better decisions. Intelligence is not just about listing facts, it is about providing context, analysis and insight.  It is also about the recognition of trends and patterns and where an issue may possibly be heading.

What Are the Benefits For You?

We do the heavy lifting by providing the research, analysis, production and distribution of reports for your organization. Our reports are compiled the way you want, based on specifications we devise with your team. We present the reports in the format that best suits your needs – categorized by priorities, regions, or subject matter. Our issue updates are available by email on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

What issues are most important to you? Are you interested in particular jurisdictions, pending legislation, regulations or all of the above? Our team will work with you to find what you are looking for in the right context.

Why Connect Public Affairs?

Connect Public Affairs provides insightful and timely political and policy information and intelligence from our vast network of government, business and association sources, news searches, election data, and research.

This in-depth assistance frees you and your team to focus on strategy and advocacy work. Since we are legislative and regulatory experts, you gain the experience and knowledge of industry leaders who have a vested interest in your success. Know what changes may lay ahead for your organization.

Perfectly suited for any business, association or not-for-profit, Connect Public Affairs’ tracking and monitoring manages cumbersome research and analyses, allowing you to continue to focus on what you do best, successfully run your organization.

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