Outlined below are the 10 most common services requested, however additional services can be discussed and worked in to our monitoring and intelligence gathering reports. We want to provide you with the information that matters to you and your decision-making process.

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Legislation Watch

Changes, decisions, and announcements from governments across the country

Regulation Watch

Notification of proposed regulatory changes and decisions and impact analysis

Issues Management

Including Issues Alerts and Issues Briefs

  Funding Opportunities

Identification of upcoming and current government funding opportunities

Procurement Opportunities

New procurement and changes to expected procurement

Budget and Committee Submissions

Analysis of budget environment to ensure your issues are heard

Industry Profiles

Strategic insight and analysis of Canadian industries

Cross Jurisdictional Comparisons

An analysis of legislative and regulatory environments

Canada Watch 

For International companies looking to monitor Canadian markets

Reputation Management

We monitor how your organization is viewed by the public

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