An Early Warning System helps you get an information advantage for decision making.

Early warning programs empower business executives to anticipate external threats and opportunities.

Systematic monitoring of today’s competitive environment through a continuous framework enables greatly improved decision-making when, and even before, the competitive landscape shifts.

Proper analysis doesn’t just keep executives caught up with newsworthy items; it changes the conversation from “we didn’t see that coming” to “we know how to respond.”

Map out the who, what, where and when of information gathering. Ensure that your sources will provide the evidence – sufficient credible and verifiable facts – necessary to recommend actions.

Mapping sources allows you to uncover gaps in coverage and prioritize sources by importance.

PEST is an analytic framework for examining the macro-environment, profiling broader industry forces and trends. PEST stands for Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural, and Technological aspects of the business environment.

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