Connect Public Affairs is a consulting firm focussing on using competitive intelligence to assist organizations to achieve economic growth. It specializes in local economic development and the use of better information, intelligence and analysis to allow organizations to make strategic decisions.
We continually identify, monitor and analyze the complete competitive landscape. - From existing competitors, to suppliers, customers, influencing parties,
regulators, distributors, and potential new competitors, we uncover what's true today and what's emerging - opportunities & threats.

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Welcome to the blog of Connect Public Affairs. We ask better questions. It’s the way we learn. Asking better questions allows you to get answers that may be difficult and may be challenging, but makes all involved really think about: what you are doing, where you are going or whether it all makes sense.
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Why Must I Pay Attention For You?
Why Must I Pay Attention For You?

I’m all for looking out for my fellow[…]

From the People? – Maybe Now is the Time to Take A Better Look at Direct Democracy
From the People? – Maybe Now[...]

So “For the People” has become Ontario[…]

Whether you run a small non-profit or a large global corporation, no one can do everything by themselves. We all need partners. One of our key strengths is the ability to quickly and effectively connect the right people to the information they need to make key decisions.

With experience in both federal and provincial government, Connect Public Affairs provides you with some very unique learning and networking opportunities. We have fostered many key business relationships and continue to build larger networks within the private and public sectors.